Friday, March 11, 2011

MainStreets Job Opening

Job Title: MainStreets Program Manager

Coordinate, plan, and manage various programs, events, and projects to fulfill principal objectives outlined in workplan submitted by BGC and Friendship Development Associates (FDA) to Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) for the 2011 MainStreets contract.


The primary functions of the job include, but are not limited to, the following:

* Engage in activities that assist prospective business owners, non-profit organizations, artists, and other entrepreneurs in locating and developing space for their operations within the 4800 to 5500 blocks of Penn Avenue.

* Secure potential sites and assemble resources and volunteers as needed to continue the “Clean, Green, & Screen Project” to beautify vacant lots and parking areas in 4800 to 5500 blocks of Penn Avenue with landscaping, fencing or screens, and/or public art.

* Oversee operation of the Penn Avenue Arts Initiative for the BGC and FDA, and work with committees of volunteers to enhance its impact on Penn Avenue. Assist them in sponsorship of the Unblurred events on the first Fridays of each month, and in the administration of the Artist’s Loan and Grant Fund for eligible projects.

* Participate in meetings related to the reconstruction of the public infrastructure in the Penn Avenue commercial district, and the possible creation of a business improvement district in the Corridor, and accept any tasks that are assigned, relative to communicating with, or receiving input from, business and property owners relative to either of these developments.

* Use The Bulletin newspaper, organizational websites, and other media forms, to promote events, activities, and projects related to implementing the workplan for the MainStreets program and educating the public on its on-going efforts and accomplishments.

* Prepare reports on program accomplishments, and invoices for reimbursement of funds expended, to be submitted to the URA on a quarterly basis at a minimum. Assist the BGC and FDA in writing and submitting the proposal for 2012 Mainstreets program funding. Attend any conferences and seminars as required either by the BGC and FDA, or by the URA, in order to remain in compliance with the Mainstreets contract.


1. Bachelor’s degree preferred, and/or extensive experience in relevant occupations or fields of study.

2. Good working knowledge of recent developments in the Penn Avenue corridor.

3. Strong interpersonal skills and writing ability, with experience in using Word, Excel, and PowerPoint software.

4. PA driver’s license and clear criminal record or history.

References should be furnished upon request.

Apply with letter and resume by March 21 to: Richard Swartz, Executive Director, Bloomfield-Garfield Corp., 5149 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15224; e-mail:

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