Friday, March 11, 2011

Events and Volunteer Coordinator -- MainStreets

Job Title: MainStreets Program – Events & Volunteer Coordinator

Assist MainStreets Manager with coordinating events and undertaking tasks to promote the Penn Avenue Arts Initiative, and to engage members of the community in activities and projects as assigned by the Mainstreets Manager.


The primary functions of the job include, but are not limited to, the following:

* Organize the production and distribution of promotional materials related to PAAI-sponsored events, programs and activities.

* Serve as a referral source and contact point for persons interested in obtaining information or participating in PAAI-sponsored programs and projects, including “Unblurred” and “Clean, Green, and Screen”.

* Recruit interest from property owners in the Penn Avenue corridor, and from artists and arts-related enterprises, in utilizing the Artist’s Loan and Grant Fund, and assist the Mainstreets Manager in organizing workshops and other informational forums.

* Organize and support the efforts of volunteers to help make projects such as “Clean, Green, & Screen”, Penn Avenue clean-ups, and GA/GI Festival successful ventures.

* Use The Bulletin newspaper and other media, including the Internet, to promote events and projects related to PAAI and the MainStreets program and educate the public on its on-going efforts and accomplishments.


1. Bachelor’s degree preferred, and/or extensive experience in relevant occupations, and good working knowledge of community groups and individual entrepreneurs in Penn Avenue corridor.

2. Strong interpersonal and computer-related skills, with grasp of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint software.

3. PA driver’s license and clear criminal record or history.

References should be furnished upon request.

Apply with letter and resume by March 21 to: Richard Swartz, Executive Director, Bloomfield-Garfield Corp., 5149 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15224; e-mail

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