Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Youth Development Job

Bloomfield Garfield Corporation
Youth Employment Program Lead Coordinator (Out-of-School)

Salary: $ 31,000/yr to $34,000/yr (depending on experience) with benefits

Position Start Date: January 4, 2010

Duration: Yearly

Status: Full-time

Submit: your resume and cover letter to Mr. Rick Flanagan via email at

Job Summary:

The Youth Employment program coordinator will work in a team environment to stimulate change in the local workforce development system to better service young people ages 17-21. This staff person will case manage the youths in collaboration with the schools, social service providers, employers and others to create a coordinated and effective youth workforce system. This position reports to the Youth Development Director.


- Ongoing reporting on program participant’s progress to the Youth Development Director.

- Participate in the implementation of BGC’s proposal and contract in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the City of Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh Partnership and Youth Works.

- Assist in the management and recruitment process of youth employment program participants.

- With assistance from the program manager, develop initiatives and other components that support and nurture the overall BGC workforce development program.

- Identify partners and develop relationships to implement paid/unpaid training activities.

- Networking with existing and new institutional partners for supportive service partnerships and worksites for participants

- Manage the progress of all participants. Work with worksite supervisors to design and implement an individual plan of action based upon each participant’s needs.

- Help in the building of announcements, bulletins, and/or articles that are submitted to the BGC’s monthly Bulletin and other publications (newspapers, magazines, newsletters)

- Assist in creating flyers and other correspondence sent to participants, their families and partners involved with the project.

- Coordinate the collection of timesheets twice monthly for all program participants – collecting timesheets from participants or worksite supervisors, calculating worksite/training hours, submission of hours to the bookkeeper.

- Manage assigned caseload of youth participants in the BGC/WIA Employment Programs.

- Responsible for making sure that all participants’ individual folders contain all pertinent documentation/information

- Responsible for the timely submission of all pertinent documentation to the City and YouthWorks

- Supervise and coordinate the training sessions

- Maintain and coordinate the quarterly calendar of training and/or other activities.

Required Qualifications:

-At least a Bachelor’s Degree in education, social work, or related field.

-Experience in workforce development or educational environment.

-Experience working with community groups and urban youth.

-Desire to engage parents in program.

-Case management experience a plus.

-Flexible and computer literate.

-Ability to engage urban youth.

-Access to a car

-Strong communication skills.

-Currently have or ability to acquire Act 33/34 and FBI clearances

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