Monday, December 6, 2010

ENEC Job Available

Title: Workforce Developer
Salary: $30,000 - $34,000 with benefits

To Apply: Send a cover letter and resume to

Job Summary:
Eastside Neighborhood Employment Center serves is a regional resource enterprise for job seekers that primarily reside or work in the Garfield, East Liberty and Lawrenceville communities. The Workforce Developer will work with paid and volunteer staff to deliver services that assist the unemployed or underemployed find suitable employment. There will be coordination with regional employers for recruiting programs and events that provide opportunities to connect those seeking employment with open positions and/or training. There are multiple agencies and governmental entities with which the ENEC partners and the incumbent will serve on boards/committees that will require continued involvement and innovative strategies. The Workforce Developer will manage various youth (14-21 year of age) career readiness and employment programs in association with the Bloomfield Garfield Corporation.


1. Provides monthly and quarterly reports on client visits and placements (EF);

2. Assists clients with resume building, online job search and online applications (EF);

3. Contacting, interacting, and building relationships with employers, social service agencies, local schools, City of Pittsburgh/CareerLink departments and other neighborhood employment centers on employment initiatives such as East End Works regional Collaborative, job fairs, UPMC interview events and individual employer hiring sessions at ENEC (EF);

4. Utilizes and updates powerful database system for clients and employers (EF);

5. Prepares submissions for RFPs, grants and foundation awards (EF);

6. Manages staff and volunteers from AARP Foundation and EARN (welfare-to-work) Program (EF);

7. Manages YouthLINK services to 14-21 year old population in both career readiness training and job placement (EF);

8. Present job-readiness courses to youth and adults, including soft skills and computer literacy courses (EF);

9. Performs any and all other duties assigned for which the employee is qualified and physically able to perform, with or without reasonable accommodation.

1. Must have at least a bachelor’s degree;

2. 3-5 years experience in social services or employment services;

3. Proficient in Microsoft Office (including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel); strong Internet navigation skills;

4. Highly organized, able to easily maintain paper and electronic files;

5. Current (or ability to quickly receive) Act 33/34/71 clearances;

6. Strong interpersonal skills and customer service background;

7. Enthusiastic, self-motivated and independent worker.

The incumbent generally performs the duties of the position at a desk or workstation. He/she will have extensive direct contact with clients and will spend some time out of the office. Extensive communication with other agencies and employers is necessary. The position involves using a computer, modem, adding machine, copy machine, telephone, and periodic automobile transportation will be necessary. The position involves working with highly confidential information.

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