Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tree Pittsburgh on Groupon

Tree Pittsburgh and Groupon’s G-Team announce the launch of a new local charitable giving campaign through Groupon. As the first recipient of the G-Team campaign, Tree Pittsburgh is collecting donations to raise trees from seeds to seedlings at the Tree Pittsburgh Tree Nursery.

Donations can be made to the Tree Nursery at until Thursday, September 1st at midnight.

Using the G-team collective action model, anyone can donate $10 at a time to Tree Pittsburgh’s Tree Nursery and help to raise a tree from seed to seedling over the course of two years. All donors will be invited to a Tree Nursery Happy Hour, which will be the first time the public has been able to visit the nursery.

100% of the proceeds go will be used in Tree Pittsburgh’s Tree Nursery to give seeds everything they need to sprout and grow into restoration-grade seedlings over the following two years. After growing at the Tree Nursery, the seedlings will eventually be used as part of Tree Pittsburgh’s city-wide urban reforestation efforts.

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