Thursday, March 6, 2008

Bloomfield-Garfield Corp. Featured in City Paper

The March 6 edition of Pittsburgh's City Paper features an article on some of the work of the Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation, and a nice photo of Deputy Director Aggie Brose:

Blight's Out
A Garfield community group is trying to get vacant property back on the tax rolls, no matter how long it takes

The house, like many in Garfield, is in bad shape. The paint is chipped. Bricks on the front porch are buckling under pressure. A web of dried vines climbs the left wall and sprawls across the roof. The railings are rusted, some of the windows punched out. The innards have been rummaged by anonymous vandals and scavengers.

But that's not what Chris St. Pierre sees when he looks at the Kincaid Street building. The 24-year-old painter sees room for solar panels and rainwater collectors. [read more]

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