Monday, March 3, 2008

Artist and Craftsman Database for the East End

Friendship and its surrounding communities of Garfield, Bloomfield, and East Liberty have a plethora of art and craftsman talent. Friendship Development Associates and the Penn Avenue Arts Initiative would like to create an artist and craftsman database that houses the contact information of the diverse talents in our communities.

This tool will help us identify the people in our neighborhood with a specific craft, trade, or talent and direct them to interested parties who would like to utilize their talent or services. With the database, we will be able to direct people who are searching for a specific trade or art to the correct people! So when we are approached with questions such as: “Do you know a good designer?” or “Where can I find someone to fix my glass chandelier?” or “Do you know someone who can repair my roof?” or “Where can I find a contractor to help me with remodeling my bathroom?” we can direct them to YOU!

Your cooperation in providing your contact information will not only help you in return, but help the community as well. Please send your name, address, email, phone, and trade, art, or craft to Please title the e-mail "Artist Database."

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