Monday, November 26, 2007

Penn Avenue Arts Women Honored

The release and distribution of a book created as a memento of Pittsburgh's Women in the Arts Festival, organized by the New Hazlett Theater and launched June 13, will take place this Friday, November 30.
The book gives voice to the words and wisdom of 36 of Pittsburgh’s notable women in the arts, six of whom are associated with the Penn Avenue arts corridor that runs through Friendship and Garfield. These women are honored in particular because their accomplishments have had effects beyond themselves, beyond their own personal hopes and dreams, and have served to inspire others. As founders, pioneers, and instigators, their words resonate for all fields, for both genders, and for all ages.

The release of the book will be the focus of the "Last Days Café" gathering scheduled for that evening from 5:30 to 8:30. "Last Days Café" is a free monthly gathering of artists and creative professionals held in a happy hour, casual "salon" atmosphere at the New Hazlett Theater, 6 Allegheny Square East. Attendees can RSVP at the following email address:

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